10 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design is a Must for your Website

16 Jul '15
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10 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design is a Must for your Website

Responsive web design is a set of web design techniques that enables your website to fit into any screen sizes. It provides an optimal viewing experience to the visitors.

This post explains the reasons why responsive web design is a must for your website.

1. Responsive web design works on every device.
A responsive website adjusts to any screen sizes. So it will work on any device irrespective of which platform or browser your visitors are using. So you need not develop separate websites/web pages for different devices as opposed to old times when there used to be multiple versions of the same website such as mobile and web versions.

2. The number of mobile and tablet users is increasing.
As the number of users of mobiles and tablets is increasing by leaps and bounds, people are accessing the Internet more from these devices. In future, a lot more people will be accessing your website from these devices. So, you should have a responsive web design on your website so that both mobile and tablet users can access your website with ease.

3. Better user experience.
If a website is not responsive, the odds are good that a user accessing it from a desktop browser may get a good experience while another user may not like the interface that is rendered in a mobile browser. All images, fonts and frames are either not scaled properly or the alignment is deteriorated. The end result is a dissatisfied user. On the other hand, a user visiting a responsive website gets all the images and features of the site adjusted to their viewport (i.e. the screen size of the browser).

4. Responsive sites are good for SEO.
Responsive sites are good in Google’s eyes. A responsive site can be easily crawled by web spiders and indexed by search engines because it does not have different URLs for the same web page. So, a responsive site ranks very well in search engine results.

5. It’s cost effective.
If you’re not a designer, you can hire professionals who can make your site responsive. Converting an existing website into a responsive one does not cost much as more and more web designers have started adopting this technique. Also with the aid of numerous libraries like Bootstrap, Susy etc. implementing responsiveness to a website has become quite easy now.

6. It does not take too much time to develop.
Developing a responsive website does not take so much time. So, it’s obviously not a bad idea to make your website responsive.

7. You can manage the SEO aspects easily.
If your website is responsive, you do not have to have separate SEO campaigns for mobile and PC users. One SEO campaign is sufficient for users of all devices.

8. It will increase user engagement.
Responsive sites have better user engagement simply because they provide better user experience. So if your site is responsive, your visitors will be engaged more on your websites and will use your site more.
If you are not making your website a responsive one, in the present world, it means you are losing a huge user-base dissatisfied from the lack-lustre, unresponsive and boring websites. A visitor will never waste his time and efforts on a website where he has to zoom-in consistently or where the features are curtailed.

9. It will increase conversion rate.
The conversion rate of your website will increase as a result of improved user engagement. So you will earn more profits from your business. Showing ad or affiliate links in an unresponsive website has always been a pain on the web designers’ part. Responsive sites come to the rescue here as well. Google has optimised AdSense techniques for responsive websites. Better ad display means better conversions.

10. It’s future-proof.
A responsive website is future-proof because this best practice is going to stay for long. It’s predictable that the necessity of a responsive website will last for many years despite the fact that website development and design principles change too often.

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