How to start a website with WordPress?

28 Feb '15
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How to start a website with WordPress?

Creating a website using WordPress may seem like a complicated task especially if you have never tried to work with WordPress before. Luckily, one of the best features of WordPress is its ease of use and intuitiveness – literally anyone can create a website with WordPress. Although the technical part of setting a website in WordPress is not very complex, adding content on the website and building a successful website can be a little bit difficult and that’s why it is a good idea to use professional help from experienced web designers like the ones from Apple Tech Designs.
The following is a list of few steps that can help you understand how to start a website with WordPress. Follow these steps and in a relatively short period of time your website will become fully functional.
1. Choose a niche
Before you begin with any action related to WordPress, you need to choose your own niche. Web development about something that has already been seen for thousands of times and for something that you don’t have interest or knowledge about won’t pay off. If your WordPress website is not dedicated to your business, choose a niche that you are interested in.
2. Choose a domain name
The domain name should be closely related to the niche you have chosen. It is a good idea to use a name that can be remembered easily. Using a .com domain should be your first choice and if the name is reserved try to use some longtail keyword phrase. Depending on your business or cause you can also use the .net and .org domains.
3. Choose hosting
Of course, you will need to find a hosting service too where your website will be placed and stored. There are many different options on the internet, but our advice is to stick to reliable companies like Go Daddy and Blue Host.
4. WordPress installation
Once you choose a domain and hosting, you will need to start with WordPress installation. Most of the popular hosting providers have integrated their platforms with WordPress, so all you need to do is to follow the simple instructions.
5. Choose a theme
After that, you will need to choose a theme for your WordPress website. There are thousands of free and paid themes available on the market. When you are choosing the theme just make sure that the appearance is related to your niche.
6. Add some plugins
WordPress plugins are actually programs written in PHP which provide additional features and services to WordPress websites. They are here to provide customization and flexibility to any website. You should definitely use plugins for additional security and plugins related to page analysis and visitor analysis.
7. Complete the administrative pages
Some of the most important administrative pages include About Us, Contact, Terms of Use etc. Complete these pages before publishing any other content.
8. Publish the content and make sure to update the content on a regular basis.
Once you finish writing the administrative pages, it is the right time to start adding interesting content. No matter what niche you have chosen, you need to publish a lot of useful and valuable content for your readers. It is also good to have visually rich pages, but what is even more important is to add new content regularly.
9. Promote your website
Finally, if you want to become successful, you will need to invest in marketing too. First of all, you need to take care of the optimization of your website for search engines (search engine optimization or SEO). Make sure that your pages have relevant keywords in the titles, description and articles. Use the power of social media, forums and email marketing to promote your website.
We hope that this short guide will encourage you to start your internet journey. Remember that this activity requires a lot of time and if you want to speed up things or to get help from true professional use the help of Apple Tech Designs. With more than a decade of experience in this field, their team of experts can certainly assist you with your journey.

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