Site :
Plateform : Asp.Net With backend CMS
Type : Responsive, SEO friendly

“USA2Me” website has been created by our expert web designers and developers, using the latest UI 2.0 design techniques. Moreover, the website`s design development is a responsive one which is built on Asp.Net platform. The website includes a CMS backend, and it is SEO and Google friendly.

This site is designed to provide the different customers around the world with a physical mailing address in the USA. In this mail-address, the customers can receive US mail, packages, and purchases.

It`s idea is to help people all over the world to receive different items from different companies in the USA. They can buy their products providing their USA2Me address. These different products will be shipped to one place in USA which is the USA2Me`s company. Then, USA2Me service will forward and ship all the items, at once, to the customers` home in an intensely safe and reliable way. USA2Me can ship to the customer`s home, RV park, marina or almost any address in the world. Further, USA2Me`s shipping rates are lower than FEDEX, DHL or UPS list rates!

Once the customers sign up in the website, they can see their mailbox inventory, forward shipments to themselves, or even discard junk mail! It also provides the customer a prompt way to view their documents online by requesting scans for them to be sent via their emails; it is done with the utmost security and confidentiality.

Through this website, the customers will have a complete control of their Mails. When their items arrive, they will be notified and the USA2Me service will register all the items in the customer`s USA2Me online mailbox, so they can visit their online mail forwarding manager, check them and manage their mailbox, as well as request shipment, scan or discard the unwanted mail for free. They can even request a photograph of all the contents of their packages. Furthermore, by managing their mailbox, they can repack some of their items. By this order, USA2Me will only send the valuable contents, reducing the size and weight of the customer`s shipment and save their money by not shipping junk mail.

In addition, by using the website`s online mail manager, the customers can decide when they want their stuff to be shipped to them. According to customers` specification, shipping is done, whether it is every day, week or month or on their demand. The customers can also stay connected with others, sharing some of their items with their friends using the social media buttons on the website.

Not only does the website work as a mail forwarder, but is also provides its users several services including repacking, fax reception and personal shopper assistance. It also provides other services such as creating a business by facilitating selling and distributing the customers` products in the USA. The website contains affiliates system, as well, that allows its customers to gain money while they are in their home!



USA2Me website, Asp.Net platform, backend CMS, responsive design, UI 2.0 design techniques, SEO friendly, website design development, mail forwarding, physical mail address.



Great company to deal with and excellent advice, straight to the point. We found them very reasonable in terms of what we wanted to achieve and with the price for our project.

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