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Plateform : Custom PHP
Type : Responsive

“Mate of Mine” is one of the responsive websites which is created by our expert web designers and developers. This website is built on the custom of PHP programming.

It is designed to raise the awareness about the importance of small business to communities and their local economy. All such small businesses are done via Facebook in order to connect friends needing help or services to small businesses in their area. There is a searching feature in the website in order to specify searching for clients or freelancers. This unique feature allows users to search by categories, countries, cities, and tags.

In this website, once the clients connect with their Facebook account, they can post their jobs. They just need to add the title, description, budget, date and some keywords. Then, they share a post with their friends to let them recommend trusted businesses for their jobs. Last, they can easily award the job and pay after work is completed.For the freelancers, they should, first, list their businesses on Mate of Mine. Second, they can build-up their professional reputation by asking Facebook friends, family, and clients to write a testimonial for their work; accordingly, recommend their businesses. Third, they can

search for jobs in their local areas by selecting the category, keywords and geographical location. In this way of specification, the freelancers will be notified by email if a new job is posted which fits their business descriptions. Finally, they do their jobs upon their own terms and conditions without any interference from the website.

We have facilitated things to the website`s users, both clients and freelancers. The users can find the links to what they want from two banners: one is above and the other is at the end of the website. Both banners contain back links for searching for businesses, searching for jobs, posting jobs, and listing businesses. In this way, users can easily reach their specific pages and save their time and effort. In addition to that, there are two columns that show the recently added jobs and businesses to update the users with everything new. There is also a sharing plug-in that allows users to share through various social media websites.

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Great company to deal with and excellent advice, straight to the point. We found them very reasonable in terms of what we wanted to achieve and with the price for our project.

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