New Technology for Web and APP Developers

New Technology for Web and APP Developers
09 Oct '15
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New Technology for Web and APP Developers

Website and application developers need to stay on top of the latest technologies in order to keep up with today’s constantly changing tech-world. With the biggest tech companies making it easier and easier for non-tech-savvy folks to develop websites and their own apps, developers need to hone their expertise so their skills are still desired. Website development sites like WordPress and Squarespace allow non-web developers to create sleek and user friendly sites, even if they have zero coding knowledge. Even though developers and website designers can use these sites as their building blocks to creating a great website, many people are choosing not to hire web developers in order to keep costs down. However, all hope is not lost. The majority of people are still fairly ignorant of the content of developing a website and even more ignorant of application development. Here are a couple latest tech developments that can keep you on top of your game.
Google’s Bazel
I am a huge fan of Google’s technology. I have probably just drunk the Kool-Aid, but I seriously can’t get enough of their products. Google are all about increasing user-accessibility to the internet and streamlining all of their programs. Their latest venture is Bazel, a software building tool that has been used internally at Google to build both heavy duty infrastructure services to public web apps and smaller software. It allows engineers to build Java, C++, Python and Objective-C apps straight away using built-in rules. However, if you prefer doing things in your own style, you can use their built in Skylark template to develop your own build rules in order to support other platforms and coding languages.
Bazel was made open-source in March of this year. It has been released in its beta form to allow software engineers to build client and server software for Android and iOS devicesNot only does the beta version support building and testing of C++, Java, Python etc., it also offers support for Docker images, Android and iOS apps, and the use of libraries like Maven and Github. . At the moment, Bazel is only available on Linux and OS X. Windows will be added hopefully before it graduates from its beta stage.
Do you like saving money, time and stress? The tech start-up, Javosize, is offering Java developers free access their new platform for three months. Javosize has claimed to be consisted of frustrated Java developers who want to simplify the development process. In order to help their own (and potential customers) they are offering free access to their Application Performance Management (APM) for up to 90 days. The platform is set to launch in the coming weeks and will cost $9.99 per month after the trial period.
Javosize is the first of its kind to examine code without instrumentation or profiling API (Application Programming Interface). This abolishes the need to restart when modifying Java classes and enables real time utilisation. Javosize has an extremely user-friendly interface and automatic platform updates to ensure its continued ease of use.
They are aiming to be as low-cost as possible. Their developers claim that that Javosize could bring down costs at the website, adding that beta testers were benefiting from an up to 90% decline in troubleshooting means boosting profitability. For example, if the Java-related costs of the Java programming and troubleshooting were only a billion dollars and Javosize reduced the cost by 10%, that’s a $100 million saving. Sounds like a good investment to me.

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Orlaith Costello writes for The PC Doctor, a fan of all things tech-related, she’s had a keen interest in IT and programming since the age of 8. Nurtured from a young age she has shares her opinions on IT news, smartphones, apps, or Google’s latest updates.

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