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Upsurge in smart phone development has increased the reliance of users on mobile apps. Consequently, businesses have to develop mobile apps in order to reach out to their client base. Latest survey reports have shown that more than 70% of online traffic in 2014 was received from mobile devices which implies that majority of people are browsing internet with a smart phone in their hand.
Apple Tech Designs specializes in custom android and iOS mobile apps development your businesses. We offer a wide range of services from designing apps to coding a super functional user friendly app for customers. With knowledge of latest mobile apps development trends and expertise in specific field, our expert mobile app designers always strive to give best to our clients. Till date Apple Tech Designs have successfully developed thousands of mobile apps for customers across the world.
Regardless of size of the business, custom mobile apps are necessity for the business in this era of technology. User friendliness and better accessibility on smart phones are the two key factors that determine the success of a business. In order to convert the simple visitors into loyal customers then it’s the best time to develop a mobile app. This is because 2015 is going to be “Mobile” year with more than 80% online traffic coming from mobile devices. In such a rush, only companies with user friendly apps will succeed and rest everyone will keep investing in their old websites. Apple Tech Designs is the best place to get mobile app developed for the business.

Build a game & lead Google Play store!

Apple Tech Designs has hired industry’s most professional and leading mobile apps developers to ensure that our clients always receive quality work. With variety of smart phones out there in the market, we have teams of tech savvy and gaming enthusiasts available. Apple tech designs assist individuals and companies in earning money by developing games and apps. Our experts have thousands of ideas that can make fortunes for the clients.

Bring life to your ideas!

Apple Tech Designs and is known for giving life to ideas! Apple Tech Designs handle each project diligently and offer its clients complete support from designing to launching the app and optimizing it in Play store or iOS store.

1. Industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality and Travel
  • Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Technology
  • Retail and Distribution
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Advertisement
  • Transport
  • Professional Services (Law firms, Construction, etc…)

2. Technologies:

  • Java, J2ME, Android
  • Objective C (iOS), iPhone, iPad, iWatch
  • Windows Apps
  • Blackberry Apps

We Specialize in The Following Mobile Marketing Services…

Responsive Design

This approach is specifically applied to brand new digital channel builds. Responsive design is the method of creating your website so it reformats automatically for different screen sizes (Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and mobile phones).

Application Development

We have diversified experience in application development for devices including Android, iPhone and others. Native Applications can also be converted using unified toolsets depending on the complexity of existing App.

Standard HTML Mobile Sites

Easy to design and develop. “Quick win” technique of getting your business mobile.

Layar Development

A cool mobile tool that lets audience see service, products, locations within an augmented reality setting and allowing them to visually interact with your chosen environment.

Location Based Services

Advertise and appeal to chosen audience or demographic when they are in a particular location of interest or leverage. Our developers are used to working with real time GPS, and location specific software.

Mobile Business Integration

Are you looking to gather business data from your customers or a specific audience? Webinopoly can develop integrated solutions from mobile to your CRM tools or secure databases to allow you to gather and store marketing information.


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